Words and Their Types

Words, their types and rules pertaining to these types of words

1/1/20251 min read


blue and white floral textile
blue and white floral textile

The Ism would be what we call a noun in English. It refers to anything that can be grasped by the senses or the mind such as a human being, an animal, plants or other inanimate or animate objects. Ism does not contain the element of time in it.

For example:

محمد (Muhammad) - عصفور (sparrows) - زهرة (flower)- حبل (rope) -صداقة (Truthfulness)


A فعل is what we call a verb in English. It is a word that refers to an action being done at a specific time, past present or future.

For Example:

قرأ (He read) - يقرأ (He reads) - اقرأ (Read)