Exploring the Quran with Spoken Miracle

Discover the true meaning of the Quran through our in-depth analysis using the Quran itself. No outside sources, only classical lexicons.

1/1/20252 min read

Here at Spoken Miracle, we uncover the Quran using only classical sources.

Almost all modern-day preachers and scholars of Islam have a very shallow and surface-level understanding of the Quran, often encouraged by the groups and sects they belong to. In fact, some of these sects forbid individuals from even studying the Quran by themselves, deeming them unfit.

We don't believe that. The Quran itself refutes this and is open to all. It calls for reflection and pondering over it. It is a miracle unlike any other, an everlasting miracle. There has been no miracle given to any prophet that is like it. We do as the Quran says: to study it, to reflect on it, and to let it lead our lives.

The first step to becoming an independent student and researcher of the Quran is to learn the language itself. What we need is not to become Arabic speakers only, but to be proficient in classical Arabic. To be able to use classical sources and lexicons to gain an in-depth understanding of the Quran.

We have Arabic courses available, which are being formed and updated every day. Lessons are posted daily. The reader will be able to read and write Arabic after going through the lessons. Our focus is on classical Arabic to learn and understand the Quran. Therefore, the lessons and materials center around subjects that help us achieve this.

We also have a Quran section where we exegete the holy book using what we learn in these lessons. Our main focus remains the Quran, and our goal is to ultimately cover the entire book. We have our own way of understanding the book: We understand the Quran with the Quran. We do not use outside sources except for classical sources and lexicons. Our understanding of the Quran should focus first and foremost on the Arabic by truly understanding the words, their meanings, and grammatical structures and complexities. The people in the time of the Prophet were awestruck upon merely hearing the holy word being recited. They did not go through extensive classes of Quran exegesis nor did they sit down in any gatherings to understand it. Yet, they would be awestruck the first time they would only hear it, showing the power that the language of the Quran carries in itself if one were to just understand it the way they would. This is our goal.

black and white table lamp on brown wooden table
black and white table lamp on brown wooden table